68′ Fastback by Zach Bryan

The Tale of the ’68 Fastback: From Scrap to Splendor

As I wandered through the streets of Boston, a gleaming ’68 Fastback caught my eye. Its sleek lines and purring engine were a stark contrast to the rusted, forgotten cars in the junkyard nearby. It struck me then, how this car’s journey mirrored my own – from being scrapped for parts to being rebuilt and cherished.

Scrapped for Parts – A Painful Past

The Fastback reminded me of a painful chapter in my life, a time when I felt like I had been reduced to mere parts. Michelle, who I once loved deeply, seemed to have scrapped me, piece by piece, discarding what she no longer needed or wanted. I was left feeling gutted, abandoned – like an old car rusting in a junkyard, forgotten and unloved.

Ilara – The Rebuilder of Dreams

Then came Ilara, a woman who saw past the rust and the broken parts. She saw the beauty in what I once was and what I could be again. With her, I wasn’t just salvage; I was a treasure. Ilara began to rebuild me, piece by piece, nurturing the parts of me that had been neglected and abandoned.

Reborn and Rejuvenated

The lyrics from a song I often listen to resonate with this journey: “I cleaned all my pistons, I’m running on 91, and I’m piecing myself back off the shelf, one by one.” That’s exactly what I’ve been doing – cleaning out the old, damaged parts and replacing them with new, stronger pieces. Ilara has been my mechanic in this process, choosing the high road for us, avoiding the potholes that once would’ve thrown me back into the junkyard.

Racing Alongside the ’68 Fastback

Now, I feel like I’m flying down freeways, with the energy and vibrancy of a well-loved classic car. The ’68 Fastback, once a symbol of what I had lost, now races alongside me, a fellow traveler on the road to recovery and rebirth.

A Belief in Strength

“I believe that you cannot tear down what’s built up strong now, thankfully.” This line sums up my current state. What Ilara and I are building is strong, resilient, and beautiful. It’s not just about being pieced back together; it’s about realising the worth of what was always there.

The Journey Ahead

Like the ’68 Fastback, my journey has been about rediscovery, rebuilding, and realizing that what once seemed like the end was just the beginning of something new and beautiful. With Ilara by my side, I’m not just a rebuilt version of my past self – I’m a new model, upgraded and ready for the roads ahead.

A New Chapter

This blog post is a tribute to the journey of rebuilding, not just for myself but for anyone who has felt discarded or devalued. It’s a reminder that with the right person, with someone who sees your worth and believes in your potential, you can transform from salvage to splendor.

With hope and resilience,

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